Company Culture

Corporate Vision

◇To be one international first-class modern enterprise professional in manufacturing

  high strength fasteners for steel structures. 

Company Mission 

◇Offer high quality products and best services for customers

◇Bring better condition of working and living for staffs

◇Improve the comprehensive quality and mental attitute of all staffs

◇Improve and perfect company system and production system

◇Repay society, take more duty for society

◇Push enterprise sustainable development,advance steadily

Company team spirit 

◇Be of one heart and one mind,cooperate with eachother,solidarity and friendship,

  make progress together

Company management general situation

◇Products quality standard apply to ANSI/ASME,DIN,JIS,BS and per international standard.

Company managment Notion

◇Absorb and Create, Pursue excellence

  Honest and Kind and faithful

  Cherish others' kindness at heart and repay

Company Values 

◇Based on faith and honestness, Be up-and-coming,pursue excellence